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Getting Together With Friends

It is so much fun to visit with close friends.  Sometimes it seems likes life gets so busy and it is a chore to arrange to get together.  Sometimes it can get frustrating but when we are together and spend time together, you forget the bad or frustrating things and enjoy the moments.  Take the time, friends are precious, in good times and bad.

1. Woke up earlier to prepare presentation for my swim class.
2. Swam during class to cover my 15min exercise for the day.
3. Did the groceries at price choppers
4. Made a triple chocolate desert for dinner.
5. Relaxed and read a novel – french kiss by Susan
6. Have a great visit with Jerry, Marie-Ann and Cassie

To do
1. think about organic gardening website
2. Call Cathy in the morning for a ride.
3. look into the Increase Fertility Today Blog

Event tomorrow
Lunch with Yolande and Cathy.  – Cathy will pick me up and we will get to chance to catch up and the lunch with be yummy.

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